Zens New Modular Charging System is Perfect for Your Apple Devices


Zens just launched a new modular charging station for recharging multiple Apple devices simultaneously, like the iPhone, Apple Watch, AirPods, and more. There are five distinct pieces up for grabs, which attach to each other via magnets, allowing you to buy the individual pieces that best suit your charging needs.

You will need one of the Main Station pieces for the core of your modular system, which start at €59.99. Zens offers three options: Modular Single Wireless Charger Main Station, a Modular Dual Wireless Charger Main Station, and a Modular Stand Wireless Charger Main Station. The Single charger supports 15W output, and the Dual charger supports 30W output. Both come with a 65W power adapter.

Then you can add on up to four additional Main Stations or one of the two Charger Extensions—the Modular Apple Watch Charger Extension and the Modular Single Wireless Charger Extension. The extensions start at 39.99. The Single charger supports a 10W output and was designed with AirPods in mind.

You can purchase the modular system today from the Zens storefront, and the company ships worldwide.

via MacRumors