YouTube TV Now Streams Google Play and Movies Anywhere Flicks

YouTube TV

YouTube TV now provides instant access to all your movies with a new “Purchased” category. Available now in the YouTube TV app, the “Purchased” section brings together movies bought on YouTube, and Google Play, and other Google services. It also includes movies associated with your Movies Anywhere account.

YouTube TV users on iOS or Android app can now find the “Purchased” category on your Library page. Web users can see all their movies in the “Recordings and Purchases” tab at the bottom of the home page—though you may want to sort by “Recently Purchased” if you want don’t want all your recordings and purchases jumbled together.

But the new “Purchased” section only includes movies, not TV shows, a strange omission. if you want to watch your purchased TV shows on YouTube TV, you’ll have to search for them by name.

Speaking of the search function, YouTube TV now lets you find and buy YouTube Movies content without leaving the YouTube TV app. Before this update, YouTube TV would force you over to the regular YouTube app when you try to buy on-demand content.

Source: Google via Android Police