YouTube TV Customers Can Watch Showtime for Free Through May 16th

YouTube TV

Can you binge a show in three days? YouTube TV is running a three-day Showtime promotion, providing full access to all its exclusive shows and movies through Sunday, May 16th. After the preview, the Showtime add-on costs $11 a month or $30 a month when bundled with HBO Max and Starz.

The company announced its weekend Showtime preview in a bizarrely long tweet, which you can see below. This is the first time that YouTube TV has offered a Showtime preview, though similar promotions have popped up on other services.

Need more than three days of Showtime? You can get a 30-day Showtime trial through the Showtime website or Amazon Prime. YouTube TV also offers a 5-day Showtime trial for its users. That should give you enough time to blow through Homeland and other popular exclusives, right?

If you aren’t sure what to watch during this Showtime preview, try looking up shows in the Can I Binge tool. It tells you how hard you need to watch a show to binge it in a set amount of time. Unfortunately, Can I Binge says you need at least 4 days to finish Homeland.