Wi-Fi Explorer Pro 3 launches with support for Big Sur, Apple Silicon, and more

Wi-Fi Explorer Pro is one of my favorite Wi-Fi tools to use when troubleshooting poor connections or generally to learn more about the RF health of the environment I am in. Version 3 is now available with support for macOS Big Sur, Apple Silicon, and more.

One of the headline features of version 3 is custom column profiles. This feature will allow you to create and display different sets of columns suitable for specific troubleshooting tasks and scenarios.

For example, suppose you are often troubleshooting Hotspot 2.0 networks. In that case, you may want to create a profile that includes columns to display information specific to Hotspot 2.0 networks, such as HESSIDVendor Type, and others. If you are then tasked to work with mesh networks, you can create a mesh network profile and switch between column sets accordingly. By using profiles, you can display only the information you need for the task at hand.

Another headline feature is the ability to compare two different networks together. You can compare on a field-by-field basis to see what differences between the two. This feature helps troubleshoot misconfigured APs on the same SSID or comparing capabilities across SSIDs.

Other new features in version 3:

  • Add columns from more than 550 available fields
  • Pin and rename columns
  • See information about associated clients
  • Find and display information about proximity beacons
  • Additional filters and organization options
  • Better annotation management
  • New, comprehensive help

Wi-Fi Explorer Pro 3 is the premier macOS app for helping you understand more about your Wi-Fi network. It’s a must-have for people who manage enterprise Wi-Fi networks. The new version is a paid upgrade, but if you have purchased WiFi Explorer Pro on or after July 1, 2020, you can upgrade to WiFi Explorer Pro 3 for free. If you bought WiFi Explorer Pro before that period, you could get 30% off WiFi Explorer Pro 3.

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