This Tiny LEGO Bicycle is Fully-Functioning and Ready to Go on a Ride

SleepCow/LEGO Ideas

It seems like LEGO bricks can be used to build just about everything these days including, now, a fully-functioning bicycle. Of course, this genius idea came about as a LEGO Ideas submission (from LEGO builder SleepyCow) and now we are drooling over the tiny red bike’s intricately detailed design!

The build cleverly uses 999 LEGO bricks and features every last detail you can think of—just check out the video below. In it you’ll see a sturdy bike frame, a working drivetrain, a functional freewheel mechanism, a half chain guard, a saddle, working pneumatic front and rear disc brakes, adjustable handlebars, a spoke wheel, spring-loaded kickstand, bell, light, rear bike rack, GPS, water bottle rack, bike lock, rear deflector, and even a functional bike stand.

In their LEGO Ideas post, SleepCow wrote, “When I designed the model, my main goal was to capture all of the mechanical functions of a real bicycle, including the drivetrain, front/rear brakes and working freewheel. It was very challenging, especially making the bike frame sturdy enough to hold the rest of the model.”

Ready to saddle up with this functional LEGO bike? Visit the bicycle’s LEGO Ideas post and vote to support it. If it receives enough votes—that is, if it reaches 10,000 votes—it might be chosen by LEGO to be mass-produced and sold in its stores. How cool!

via Nerdist