This candle brand makes gifting easy with its beautiful unboxing experience – and they just released new spring scents

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I know what you’re thinking. 

Does the world really need another fancy candle brand? Isn’t that market saturated enough? 

Well, yes, and hear us out — because we wouldn’t be writing this article if we didn’t think this particular company was doing something special. 

Otherland, a relatively new startup, is making some of the most beautifully packaged and scented candles we’ve seen in a long time, and at an accessible price point ($36 each) when compared to luxury brands like Diptyque and Byredo. The soy and coconut wax base burns for 55 hours (a definite selling point if you ask me), and the candles can be bought in custom three packs ($89) or individually ($36). A selection of candles is also available online at Sephora and in its brick-and-mortar stores — the first direct-to-consumer candle startup to be sold at the beauty mega-retailer.

Previously the art buyer for Ralph Lauren’s stores and restaurants, Otherland founder Abigail Cook Stone has always known the importance that visuals play in our lives. Stone created this line of colorful candles with that in mind, understanding that even the smallest things, when well-crafted and beautiful, can bring so much delight and energy into our space. 

In addition to their base offerings, Otherland often has special packaging for gifts and other occasions. You can assemble a gift box, with one or three candles, a custom matchbox, and a sweet note for the finishing touches to the perfect gift. There is such joy in the process of unwrapping, opening, smelling, and lighting them that we’ve bought multiple sets as gifts for just about every occasion. 

The brand also cycles through seasonal collections — and they never disappoint. 

The current collection is the Spring Awakening Collection, with fresh and sweet scents that highlight the florals of spring. Previous collections like the Manor House Weekend Collection appealed to cottagecore lovers with fragrances of corn, hay, lilies, and burnt maple; a collection inspired by the beach included notes like sea salt, cucumber, and even tennis balls; and a 90s-inspired collection mixed citrus, musk, and florals that brought to mind blue jeans, glossy lips, and pastels.

When you open an Otherland candle, you’re met with something so meticulously designed you’d think a jeweler was presenting you with a rare gem. Bright pops of color, be it from a seasonal collection’s all-over color theme or the base collection’s logo design, immediately grip you. And just as stunning as the packaging are the delicious fragrance combinations that are designed to transport you to “other lands.”