This 1TB cloud storage solution secures your important files for just $50

4Sync Premium is the perfect solution for all your important files

Our devices are fragile things considering all the precious files they contain. All it takes is one solid drop of your phone or one spilled glass of water next to your laptop for you to lose any number of significant work files, irreplaceable photos, hard-to-find music files and more. Thankfully, this 4Sync Premium Cloud Storage can help — this cloud-based storage solution is the perfect place for you to stow your documents, music, photos and more, and you can get a 1-year subscription for $49.99.

Unlike a flash drive or external hard drive (which the accident-prone or clumsy know is just one more thing to be accountable for), 4Sync is a reliable form of online storage that offers a massive 1TB of cloud storage with multi-way sync. That means you can access your files any time on any device — so whether you’re using your computer, phone, tablet or even an internet browser, you can easily and quickly find whatever you need using its incredibly intuitive interface.

You can transfer or backup copies of your files in the blink of an eye, or share them securely with your friends and family. It’s the perfect storage solution for bloggers, students, photographers, business owners and more — pretty much anyone who needs to store and share large media or text files in a fast, seamless way. You can even discuss the files you’re sharing with “comment pins,” which let you discuss image fragments or areas with other users online in real-time, directly in the 4Sync web app.

There’s even a built-in media player for users sharing videos, a subdomain setup for shared folders and granular access permissions, which let you set up passwords and more for files you want to share with specific people. It’s the perfect way to protect your data against disasters and equipment failure while sharing important media with coworkers and personal contacts.

Get this 4Sync Premium 1TB Cloud Storage: 1-Year Subscription for $49.99 (reg. $203) for a savings of 75%.

Prices subject to change.