Spread stellar Wi-Fi throughout your home with this discounted smart router

This smart Wi-Fi router will deliver the best performance for your fiber internet connection.
Photo: Tenda

If there are certain spots in your house with spotty Wi-Fi, you’re not just imagining it. Connections sometimes works less efficiently or not at all in certain corners of any dwelling. Don’t let crummy tech ruin a great music streaming session, or an important workday, anymore.

A smart Wi-Fi router means faster internet

Having a smart router that possesses the strength to amplify your internet connection through a powerful Wi-Fi signal is the only solution. And that’s exactly what the Tenda AC23 smart Wi-Fi router has to offer. Available now at 29% off its usual price, this deal will help provide your entire home with exceptional Wi-Fi for just $99.

Those problem areas, known as “dead spots,” are caused by physical barriers like walls and appliances, as well as the distance between your router and the area lacking Wi-Fi. Even the material blocking your signal can affect the WiFi signal strength. According to Cox Communications, “Drywall can reduce speed up to 50%, while a concrete barrier can put a complete halt on signal trying to pass through.”

The Tenda AC23 is an Amazon’s Choice product for a reason. It offers the best performance for your internet connection. Designed for households with high-speed fiber access, the AC23 supports 802.11ac wave2 technology, which is considered cutting-edge Wi-Fi technology.

Powered by 4X4 MU-MIMO technology of 5GHz band, the AC23 provides wider Wi-Fi coverage, and higher speeds, than regular routers. It offers Wi-FI speeds up to 2,033 Mbps. Equipped with a 500MHz co-processor, the dual-core design allows for faster processing speed and optimized operation. Seven 6dBi external antennae optimize the AC23’s performance and wall-penetration capacity, meaning there won’t be any more dead spots anywhere in your home.

Save on Tenda AC23 Wi-Fi router

If you want to improve your home with an optimal Wi-Fi connection, choose the cutting-edge Tenda AC23. This incredible dual-band gigabit wireless router is now available for the limited-time price of $99, so outfit your home with the best Wi-Fi connection for less than $100.

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