Snag Kodak photo gear that bridges the old and the new

Kodak became a household name due to its dominance of the photographic film industry. But even after the worldwide shift to digital photography, Kodak still has a role to play. These four great bits of Kodak gear bridge the classic and the modern, from film-related tools to an iPhone case printer.

They make great gifts for friends and relatives with loads of old negatives or slides, too.

Film Scan Tool for Mac and PC — $89.99

The new Kodak Film Scan Tool lets you make use of those stacks of 35 mm negatives and slides, with no darkroom skills required. Just connect the device to your Mac (or PC) and feed your film into the machine. Then you can view, edit and print straight from your computer screen. An easy-load insert system allows for continuous feeding, so you don’t have to fuss with alignment.

Buy now: Get a Kodak Film Scan Tool for Mac and PC for $89.99.

Insert a slide or film to magnify it at 3X with vivid, lifelike lighting.
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Kodak 35 mm Slide and Film Viewer — $44.99

With the Kodak 35 mm Slide and Film Viewer you can get new life from your old 35 mm slides and negatives. Relive your family slideshow dreams (or nightmares)! Just plug the device into the wall (or use AA batteries), and your pictures will appear in bright, vivid color. Images show up at triple their normal size on the backlit screen, which is angled upward for easy viewing.

Buy now: Get the Kodak 35mm Slide and Film Viewer for $44.99.

Scan, convert, edit, save and share your old film negatives straight from your smartphone or tablet.
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Kodak Mobile Film Scanner — $39.99

Place your smartphone on top of this portable box, and you can digitize your old photos in seconds. An LED backlight illuminates your old 35 mm negatives and slides. Then, you control the Mobile Film Scanner on your smartphone, where you can crop, rotate and adjust images, add filters and share — just like you’d shot them on your phone. Use it for 35 mm black-and-white or color negatives, and color slide positives.

Buy now: Get the Kodak Mobile Film Scanner for $39.99.

This app-integrated device lets you print a DIY smartphone case in just three minutes.
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Kodak PrintaCase Printer — 7% off

Why get bored of your phone case when you can replace it on a whim with your own photos or design? This 4×6 photo printer comes with accessories and consumables so you can start printing right out of the box. With a four-pass, full-color, dye-sub printer, you can print at home as often as you want, uploading your own images so your phone always matches your mood.

Buy now: Get a Kodak PrintaCase Printer for $119.99. That’s 7% off the usual price.