ScoutPro power bank promises easy Mac, iPhone and Apple Watch charging

The Intelli ScoutPro Max includes 24,000mAh of power and can send it to 5 devices at once.
Photo: Intelli

Intelli ScoutPro boasts features few other power banks do. There’s built-in wireless Apple Watch and iPhone chargers. And its USB-C ports can output up to 100W.

The external battery holds up to 24,000 mAh and powers up to five devices at once. It’s ready to handle almost every type of Apple device simultaneously while on the go.

Intelli ScoutPro power bank tries to do it all

Intelli built an external battery with nearly all the bells and whistles. An iPhone 12 will magnetically attach to the top of the ScoutPro for charging. The same goes for an Apple Watch.

On the front are two USB-C ports and a USB-A QuickCharge 3.0 port. The accessory can offer up to 240 watts. That’s enough to fast charge a MacBook and an iPad, plus the iPhone and Apple Watch.

And the external battery itself can recharge in about an hour.

Take a look at a video from Intelli to see the features of ScoutPro in action.

There are two versions. The ScoutPro holds 20,000mAh and includes a 100W USB-C and a 60W USB-C port. It’s 5.4 inches by 3.3 in. by 1.1 inches and 1.1 pounds. The ScoutPro Max holds 24,000mAh and offers a pair of 100W USB-C ports. It’s slightly longer, at 6.2 inches. And a bit heavier at 1.2 pounds.

Now on Kickstarter

Intelli ScoutPro is now on the crowd-funding site Kickstarter. Putting down a $119 pledge gets the Scount Pro Max. The units will be delivered in July 2021.

Some people are nervous about crowdfunding projects. If it’s any reassurance, Cult of Mac is already testing a pre-release version of the ScoutPro. It’s a real product that’s well made and works as advertised.