Mortal Kombat gets new Brutalities on iOS in time for the holidays

Same Kombat. Smaller screen.
Photo: Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment

‘Tis the season to be jolly — or, it seems, to take your mortal enemies, tear their still-beating hearts from their chests, and then freeze said organ in your hand, all while laughing evilly. Or something similarly twisted.

That’s an around-about way of saying that Mortal Kombat for iOS has received an update. If you’re looking for a bit of gory fighting action to distract you from the impending holidays, it’s well worth checking out. Although why you’d have any built-up stress that needs excising after 2020 is beyond me…

Version 3.1 of Mortal Kombat adds a number of tweaks. The character of “Diamond MK11 Shang Tsung” is coming to the game, complete with his iconic ability to morph into other characters. Shang Tsung was always a great character to play thanks to this ability, and it seems that iOS gamers now get to join in on the fun. The developer notes observe that: “On tag-in, Shang Tsung morphs into his opponents allowing him to use their own Special Attacks and X-Ray/Fatal Blow against them! When below 2 Bars of Power, Shang Tsung passively generates Power over Time.”

There are also new mobile Brutality moves for Sonya Blade and Skarlet. You can kit out Skarlet with Bloodmaster’s Bloody Finka and Bloodmaster’s Iron Curtain to “watch [your enemies’] blood rain down.” Meanwhile, you can equip Sonya Blade with General’s Father Gun and General’s Knockout Gloves for Sonya’s fireball kiss.

In addition, there’s a new Kold War Tower for new playing options, plus a plethora of other goodies. One neat touch is a Retrocade arena that switches between the MK2 Living Forest and the MK3 Temple.

Mortal Kombat on iOS

Mortal Kombat is available to download from the App Store now. It’s a free-to-play game that lets players put together a team of Kombat-weary warriors to participate in 3v3 battle. Along the way, you get to upgrade your team, teach them new attacks, and more.

It’s not an exact port of the console Mortal Kombat games, but it’s certainly a lot of fun. With more than 130 characters from the series’ history, there’s plenty for fans to enjoy!

Via: TouchArcade