Microsoft disses the MacBook Pro in its latest ad for Surface Pro 7

MacBook Pro? No time for you!
Photo: Microsoft

There’s something strangely nostalgic about Microsoft taking shots at Apple in a commercial. If you were to add in a post-grunge soundtrack, hair with frosted tips, and a supreme overconfidence in the value of any and every .com business, it could be the ’90s again.

Sadly such vintage touches aren’t present in Microsoft’s latest ad — pitting the Microsoft Surface Pro 7 against the MacBook Pro. Guess which one the folks in Redmond, WA think you’re better off buying?

Microsoft’s argument basically comes down to three things. The first is the superiority of the touchscreen and stylus to the MacBook Pro’s Touch Bar. (Of course, if you really want a productivity device with a touchscreen from Apple, look no further than the iPad Pro.)

The second reason is the detachable keyboard of the Surface Pro 7. (Again, if this is something you’re really keen on, you can get it with an iPad Pro.)

The final point is the respective price. Microsoft points out that the Surface Pro 7 starts at just $890 to the MacBook Pro’s $1,299.

Microsoft Surface Pro 7

To be fair to Microsoft, the Surface Pro 7 isn’t bad — even if it’s also not a massive update for the Surface series. But, as noted, a much fairer comparison would be with the iPad Pro. I still do work on the Mac every day, but I’ve got colleagues who have sworn up and down that the iPad is capable of replacing the Mac in their life completely. That point is up for debate, but Microsoft’s points “scored” over the MacBook Pro are things the iPad Pro already offers — albeit at not quite such a cheap price.

Then again, ultimately, your choice of computer could — and probably should — come down to operating system more than anything. If you want iPadOS or macOS instead of Windows, there’s no comparison.

What do you think about Microsoft’s latest ad? Have you been swayed over to the Microsoft side in recent years — or vice versa? Let us know in the comments below.