Make custom fractal-generated animations with Amberlight 2

Create and animate with Amberlight 2.
Photo: Cult of Mac Deals

As beautiful as your art and animation might be, sometimes you just want a complex splash of color that folds in on itself in an infinite, scintillating spiral. Other times you might just want a cool image for a space scene. Regardless of the reason, a program that can help design fractal-generated images, backgrounds, effects, and animations can add a lot to your work, and that’s exactly what Amberlight 2 does.

Amberlight 2 uses math and special effects to generate brilliant digital content that you can use in your other work or use as an asset on its own. Right now, a lifetime subscription to the program is on sale for $39.99 (regularly $89). 

Amberlight 2 works for Mac and Windows and can quickly generate procedurally rendered fractal images that are completely unique and utterly captivating. The algorithm creates fascinating spirals of glowing color and lights. The special effects options can enhance your image to make it fit with other works or to integrate smoothly into another project.

If you want your art to come to life, you can even animate your images with no trouble at all. Amberlight is entirely unique because it specializes in creating this type of evolving, mathematically generated imagery that will give your work a wholly individual feel. 

The mechanics of Amberlight 2 are intuitive and easy to use. Export your work in multiple file types, including JPG, BMP, TIF, or PNG. If you have animated your work, you can just as easily export it as an AVI, MOV, or some of the other most common video file formats. Once you’ve downloaded your video, put some music over it and enjoy listening with the added imagery. It’s that convenience married to the beautiful work you can do with Amberlight 2 that inspired reviewers to give it 4 stars on Creative Bloq.

Get Amberlight 2: Lifetime Subscription (Mac & Windows) for $39.99 while it’s 55% off. 

Prices subject to change