Limited-Time Deal: Buy a Wyze Lock, Get a Free Keypad


Released in 2020, the Wyze Lock is still one of the most affordable smart locks on the market—but it’s hard to recommend without the $25 Keypad. Now, Wyze is offering a free Keypad with all Wyze Lock purchases, a limited-time deal to help you add a layer of security and convenience to your smart home.

The Wyze Lock is easy to install and doesn’t replace your existing deadbolt, so you can continue using your keys. With the Wyze Lock, you can control your door remotely from your phone or smart assistant. It also features auto-lock and unlock features as it detects you leaving or entering your home.

But in our review, we found that the Wyze Lock’s automatic features are a bit unreliable. That’s why we suggest buying the Keypad, a separate $25 purchase. The Keypad eliminates the need to carry your phone or keys when you leave the house, but still ensures that your home is secured while your away. It also saves you the trouble of printing new keys for trustworthy guests and family members.

The limited-time Wyze Lock and Keypad deal is only available on Wyze’s website. Wyze doesn’t say how long this deal will last, so if you’re interested, grab it before it’s gone. A Wyze Lock might make a good Father’s Day gift!