Learn guitar, piano or music production with one of these discounted bundles

These music courses are the perfect way to kick off your new year productively.
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Do you remember when you decided you would use your extra time during quarantine to pick up a hobby or learn something new? Well, 10 months have passed, and we’re rolling into a new year with continuing restrictions due to COVID-19.

But don’t let that discourage you. One fun and productive hobby you can pick up is playing music. And we have some great musical training bundles that’ll help you start 2021 off right.

The Ultimate Beginner to Expert Guitar Lessons Bundle — $29


The guitar is a versatile instrument that has found its way into nearly every genre, from classic rock to R&B. That means you can re-create some of your favorite songs anywhere you go, especially considering how portable the guitar is.

In this bundle, you’ll find nine courses by Dan Dresnok, a professional musician who has taught guitar for more than 27 years. His courses will introduce you to guitar techniques for all experience levels, and you’ll be exposed to genres like bluegrass and jazz.

Buy now: Get The Ultimate Beginner to Expert Guitar Lessons Bundle for $29 (regularly $1,601).

The Learn to Play the Piano & Music Composition Bundle — $34.95


If you’re interested in a more classical instrument with the same broad appeal, the piano is virtually universal. In this bundle, you’ll get a beginner’s guide to playing the piano. You’ll also learn how to analyze songs to reach a fundamental understanding of music theory. From there, you’ll dive deeper into piano theory and composition so you can produce your own music.

Buy now: Get The Learn to Play the Piano & Music Composition Bundle for $34.95 (regularly $740).

The Complete Ableton Live 10 Music Production Bundle — $34.95


In this training bundle, you’ll learn how to use Ableton Live, one of the hottest music production apps around. You’ll start with the basics, like navigating the software, and move on to more advanced topics like setting up your home studio for recording with the powerful software. You’ll also master Ableton Live Instruments and learn the ins and outs of music production.

Buy now: Get The Complete Ableton Live 10 Music Production Bundle for $29.99 (regularly $1,194).

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