Joyful AirPods Pro ad will make you want to ‘Jump’

Apple’s new AirPods ad is full of pep.
Photo: Apple

Apple shows off the untethered joyfulness and Active Noise Cancellation/Transparency features of its AirPods Pro in a new ad, titled “Jump,” which Apple debuted over the weekend.

The ad depicts an AirPods Pro user breaking social distancing rules as he moves through a vibrant city, playing jump-rope and otherwise pulling off some impressive acrobatic moves. It’s a fun two-minute ad set to the 2020 song “Fallin’ Apart” by Young Franco.

The tagline is: “Turn the world into your playground with AirPods Pro.”

AirPods ads are some of the best Apple do

“Jump” is in keeping with previous AirPods ads, which focus on the idea of the unencumbered weightlessness that comes with wireless earbuds. They’re some of my favorite ads that Apple does right now. Since the dancing silhouette iPod ads, Apple’s music-related commercials have been some of the company’s best. They manage to be cool, aspirational, and fresh.

Crucially, they also get across the selling point of the products without delving into tech specs. iPhone ads tend to be a bit more serious. But AirPods, which are targeted at a more youthful market, show off a whole lot of creativity.

The AirPods Pro debuted in late 2019. Apple is expected to be working on its next-gen AirPods, which will supposedly apply the AirPods Pro look to Apple’s regular AirPods. According to renowned Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, these may not ship until the end of 2021. That is in contrast to predictions that the AirPods 3 would be shown off next month.

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