iPhone 13 Pro concept is exactly what we’ve been hoping for

Few people will be disappointed if the iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max look like this.
Photo: Ran Avni/ConceptsiPhone

A concept artist combined many of the iPhone 13 Pro leaks into a video that might portray Apple’s next handset. The device has a smaller notch, 120 Hz screen, Touch ID and other changes — just like the one Apple is expected to unveil in September.

Watch the beautiful concept video now:

The video was created by Ran Avni of the YouTube channel ConceptsiPhone. Unlike some other concepts, it’s not a collection of impossible features, but is based on rumors.

Totally realistic iPhone 13 concept

It starts by showing the iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max with a smaller notch. There’s quite a bit of evidence to back this up.

Next, Avni’s video mentions the 120 Hz screen. This is a feature widely expected to be in the iPhone 13 series.

And then he shows an A15 processor. This is a safe bet, as Apple puts an improved chip in every iPhone upgrade.

Then the concept video shows the iPhone 13 Pro series with a Touch ID scanner in its power button, a feature that’s already in the iPad Air 4. There have been reports that the 2021 iOS models will have this too, but others say a TouchID scanner will instead be built into the screen.

Avni shows the upcoming model in white, black, gold, blue and red. And he predicts the prices will remain unchanged from the 2020 models.

Whether the iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max look like this, and include these features, won‘t be known until Apple makes the device official. That’s likely to happen in September.