iPads could start being manufactured in India this year

This would be the first time iPads have been manufactured in India.
Photo: Apple

Some iPhones have been made in India since 2017, but they could soon be joined by the iPad, Reuters reported Thursday.

According to the report, Apple is considering carrying out tablet manufacturing in India. However, it is reportedly lobbying to increase the incentives it could receive in order to start doing this.

Reuters notes that:

“The new performance-linked incentive (PLI) scheme, which offers cash-back to manufacturers for exports, will have a budget of up to 70 billion rupees ($964.5 million) over five years, the sources said. It’s expected to be launched by the end of February.

Apple, along with others, is lobbying for a bigger budgetary outlay of 200 billion rupees before that plan is finalized, as India doesn’t yet have the scale or the supply chain for making IT products and competes with duty-free imports of tech products, two of the sources said.”

The report also suggests that New Delhi is also planning another incentives scheme that could cover smartwatches. This may be announced in the next two months. While there’s no mention of Apple Watch, that could be a potential beneficiary of the scheme.

Apple currently makes the majority of its iPads in China. But it has been increasingly expanding its production of other devices into places like India and Vietnam. This is partly to reduce Apple’s reliance on China, which has only deepened under Tim Cook’s leadership. Foxconn is currently building assembly lines for iPads and MacBooks in Vietnam.

It is not clear which of Apple’s three contract manufacturers with premises in India — Foxconn, Wistron, or Pegatron — will be the ones to build the iPad in India if this goes ahead. However, the report suggests that “Made in India” iPads could commence production this year.

Source: Reuters