iFixit’s Fantastic Driver Kits Now Come in Two Smaller, Cheaper Packages


Here at Review Geek, we can’t go a week without recommending iFixit’s small tool kits in some article or another. We heart them. We heart them bad. They make great small gifts, too, and to that end, iFixit is releasing them in two smaller, cheaper packages: the Minnow and Moray Driver Kit. They’re priced at just $15 and $20, respectively.

If the 64-piece Mako kit is just more than you need, then the Moray gives you the most important half of that bit collection, plus the excellent steel precision bit driver, which now has a new feature. The blue part pops off to reveal a SIM ejection tool for your cell phone! The bits are a mixture of standard Philips, flathead, Torx, hex, and nut drivers, with a few popular oddballs (like the tribit driver Nintendo uses on all its devices). It’s all sandwiched inside iFixit’s magnetized metal case with an organizer tray in the lid.


If even that’s more tool than you need—or if $20 goes over your office Secret Santa spending limit—then check out the diminutive Minnow kit. It keeps the driver, but shrinks the case down to just five inches by two inches, enough for sixteen bits. It’s a perfect size for sliding into a backpack or hiding in a glove compartment.

I really cannot overstate how great these high-quality tool kits are—I use my personal Mako kit all the time, and I’ve re-bought it several times as gifts. Go grab one (or two, or three) of these cheaper options for yourself.

Source: iFixit