How to Turn off Annoying Save Login Pop-ups in Firefox

Firefox comes with a built-in password manager called Lockwise, which is also accessible outside the browser. But if you use a password manager like LastPass, you might find the save login pop-ups in Firefox annoying. Here’s how to disable them.

When it comes to storing and syncing usernames and passwords across all your devices, we recommend that you use a dedicated password manager. It gives you the option of using different browsers on different platforms. Plus, most password managers come with a browser extension.

Once you move to a dedicated password manager, you should disable Firefox’s built-in pop-ups for saving usernames and passwords.

The steps are different in Firefox for desktop, Android, iPhone, and iPad. We’ll cover all platforms below.

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Turn off Save Login Pop-ups in Firefox for Desktop

To get started, open the Firefox browser on your computer (Mac, Windows, or Linux) and click the three-line menu button found in the top-right corner. Here, choose the “Preferences” option.

From the sidebar, choose the “Privacy & Security” option.

Next, uncheck the box next to the “Ask to Save Logins and Passwords for Websites” option.

And that’s it. The next time you log in to a new website, Firefox won’t bug you about saving the username and password.

Turn off “Save this Login” Pop-ups in Firefox for Android

When you try to log in to a new website in Firefox for Android, you’ll see a pop-up asking whether you want to save the details to your Firefox account.

You can disable this feature from the Settings menu. First, open the Firefox app on your Android smartphone or tablet, and from the toolbar, tap the three-dot menu button.

Now, choose the “Settings” option.

Go to the “Login and Passwords” section.

Select the “Save Logins and Passwords” option.

From this screen, switch to the “Never Save” option.

Firefox will now stop asking you to save passwords to Firefox.

Turn off Save Login Pop-ups in Firefox for iPhone and iPad

The process of disabling save login pop-ups is even simpler in Firefox for iPhone and iPad.

To get started, open the Firefox app on your iPhone or iPad, then tap the three-line menu button from the bottom toolbar.

Choose the “Settings” option.

Navigate to the “Logins & Passwords” section.

Toggle off the “Save Logins” option.

Firefox will now stop asking you to save new passwords. This doesn’t change anything when it comes to existing saved passwords. You can still view and use the existing passwords as you normally would.

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