How to Set a Default Kindle Device or App for Amazon E-books

When you buy an e-book through Amazon, it gets automatically delivered to your account’s default Kindle device. This is fine if there’s only one Kindle on your account, but you might want to change which device is set as the default if you have more than one.

How to Set a Kindle as the Default Device

Log in to your Amazon account, hover over “Accounts & Lists” near the top-right corner of the website, and then click “Manage Your Content and Devices.”

Next, under “Manage Your Content and Devices,” select “Devices.”

Under “Amazon Devices,” click “Kindle,” and then click the device that you want to set as the default.

Finally, click the “Set as Default Device” button. Click “Save” to save your settings.

Now, whenever you buy or preorder an e-book, Amazon will automatically send the book to that Kindle. As soon as the Kindle connects to the internet, it will download any newly available books without any extra actions from you.

How to Set a Smartphone or Tablet as the Default Device

If you prefer to read e-books with your smartphone or tablet, you can set the Kindle app as your default device.

From the same Manage Devices screen on Amazon, under “Amazon Apps Installed on Devices,” select “Kindle.”

This will show you a list of all the smartphones, tablets, and computers you have the Kindle app installed on.

Find the device that you want to set as the default, click “More Actions,” and click “Set as Default Device.” Finally, click “Save.”

Now, if you buy an e-book, it will automatically get sent to your chosen smartphone or tablet, all ready for you to read.