How to Manage New Time Proposals in Microsoft Outlook Calendar

A handy feature of Outlook calendar is the ability for invitees to propose new times for events. As the event organizer, you can accept or decline a proposal and even stop others from being able to propose new times.

If you have an event with many attendees and receive more than one new time proposal, you can also review them all in one spot.

For the next meeting or event that you set up using Outlook calendar, we’ll show you how to do it all to effectively manage those new time proposals.

Accept or Decline a New Time Proposal in Outlook

After an invitee proposes a new time for your event, it’s up to you to accept or decline the proposal.

When a new time is proposed, you’ll receive an email with “New Time Proposed” in the subject line.

Open the email and click the Meeting Response tab. To accept, click “Accept Proposal” in the Respond section of the ribbon. To decline, click “Delete” in the Delete section.

View All Time Proposals in Outlook

If you receive more than one new time proposal, you can review your options in one of two ways.

From the email with the proposal, go to the Meeting Response tab and click “View All Proposals” in the Respond section of the ribbon.

From the calendar event, go to the Scheduling Assistant tab.

Both methods take you to the same view. Below the basic event details, you’ll see a list of proposed times with durations, proposed by, and conflicts.

If you want to accept one of the proposed times from the list, select it, and then click “Send Update.”

Disallow New Time Proposals for an Event

When you create an event in Outlook calendar, you can disallow invitees from proposing new times.

Open your event in Outlook calendar and select the Meeting tab. Keep in mind that the Meeting tab displays as Appointment when you create a timed event without participants and as Event when you create an all-day event.

In the Attendees section of the ribbon, click “Response Options,” and then select “Allow New Time Proposals” to uncheck it.

When your invitees open the event request, they will simply not see the Propose a New Time option.

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