How to Make Safari Always Open Your Previous Tabs on Mac

It can be frustrating when you need to restart Safari on your Mac and you lose what you’ve been working on because all of your tabs and windows close. Luckily, there’s an easy way to make Safari restore your session every time you start the app. Here’s how to set it up.

First, launch Safari on your Mac. At the top of your screen, click the “Safari” menu and select “Preferences.”

When the “Preferences” window appears, click the “General” tab, then locate the “Safari opens with” option. In the drop-down menu beside it, select “All windows from last session” if you want all of your windows—including your Private Browsing windows—to be restored.

If you only want your non-Private windows to be restored, select “All non-private windows from last session” in the drop-down menu.

After that, close Preferences. The next time you restart Safari, it will remember your browsing session, and all the windows and tabs you had open last time will reopen automatically. Happy browsing!

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