How to Hide Movies & TV from Google TV Continue Watching

The Google TV home screen is focused on recommendations and making it easy for you to pick up where you left off. Sometimes, though, the “Continue Watching” row isn’t super helpful. Thankfully, you can remove titles from the row.

The “Continue Watching” row shows movies and TV shows that you started watching on supported streaming services. However, you might not intend to continue watching, or maybe you started something by accident. But now, in July of 2021, Google has finally made it possible to remove things from this row.

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First, make sure that you’re on the main “For You” tab and scroll down to the “Continue Watching” row.

Highlight the title that you want to remove and hold down the “OK” or “Select” button on your remote for a few seconds.

A menu will appear with two options. Select “Hide.”

The title will now be gone from the “Continue Watching” row!

For a long time, it wasn’t possible to remove titles from Continue Watching. We’re happy to see that you can finally do it. Now, you can keep your Google TV home screen a little tidier.

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