How to Create a Guide of Your Favorite Posts on Instagram


What you share on Instagram isn’t limited to your own posts anymore. You can also take advantage of its treasure trove of visual content to curate other people’s work into guides and pass that along to your followers.

To compose an Instagram guide of your favorite posts, first, open the app on your Android device or iPhone. Next, navigate to your profile page by tapping your display picture’s icon in the bottom-right corner.

Tap the “+” icon from the top-right corner of your Instagram profile.

Head into the “Guide” section found in the following menu.

In the list of options, tap “Posts.”

You now have to pick which photos and videos you’d like to feature in your guide.

The “Your Posts” tab houses all the media you’ve shared to your grid, and “Saved” consists of the public posts you’ve bookmarked.

Once you have selected the posts you want in your guide, tap the “Next” button from the top-right corner.

On the next screen, you can customize your guide’s cover with a title and a photo. You also have the option to add a description of what your collection is about.

Scroll down to individually personalize all the posts in your guide. You can pair each of them with a different title and add a personal commentary on them.

Tapping the three-dot menu icon beside a post will allow you to reorder the list or delete an entry.

When you are satisfied with your guide’s layout, select the “Next” button again.

You’re all set. You can preview your new guide with the “Preview” button. Select “Share” to save it to your profile’s dedicated section for guides.

There are two ways you can share your guide: add it to your stories, or forward it to a friend via an Instagram DM. To do that, tap your guide from your profile’s Guides tab.

Select the paper-airplane icon at the top.

Unfortunately, you can’t post your guide in your followers’ feeds yet. What you can do is publish the guide’s link in a post’s description. To copy your guide’s link, open it from your profile, and in the three-dot menu, tap “Copy Link.”