How to Automatically Enable Dark Mode at Sunset on Your iPhone

Dark mode, first introduced in iOS 13, offers a dark theme that’s easier on your eyes, especially at night. If you’d like your iPhone to automatically switch to Dark mode at sunset, it’s as easy as visiting the Settings app. Here’s how to set it up.

First, open “Settings” by tapping the gear icon.

In “Settings,” tap “Display & Brightness.”

Under the “Appearance” section where you can choose between Light and Dark modes, tap the switch beside “Automatic” to turn it on.

Once “Automatic” is turned on, an “Options” setting will appear just below it. By default, your iPhone will keep Light Mode activated until sunset or Dark mode until sunrise. To confirm it, tap “Options.”

On the “Appearance Schedule” page, make sure “Sunset to Sunrise” is checked by tapping it.

If you’re fine with the sunset to sunrise schedule, you can exit the “Settings” app now.

Otherwise, if you’d like to change the schedule to custom times, tap “Custom Schedule” on this page, then select the times when Light and Dark mode become activated.

After that, close “Settings,” and you’re all set. If you chose “Sunset to Sunrise,” then Light mode will activate at sunrise, and Dark mode will activate at sunset. If you chose a custom schedule, Light and Dark mode will automatically activate at the times you chose. Never underestimate the power of Dark mode to reduce eye strain.