GoPro Debuts a Livestreaming Site So You Can Broadcast Epic Fails in Real-Time


GoPro makes fantastic tiny cameras you can take nearly anywhere to film your most athletic activities, from surfing to skydiving to parkour. But you have to record now and upload for the world to see later. Now that’s set to change, as GoPro launches a livestreaming service so you can show off your best fall in real-time.

To start, you need to own a GoPro Max, Hero 8 Black, or Hero 7 Black to livestream. You’ll also need to pair the GoPro to your smartphone, as that’s doing the heavy lifting. And you’ll need to subscribe to GoPro’s $5 a month Plus subscription. Check out GoPro’s site for full instructions.

But once you have that in place, rather than stream to Facebook or Twitch, you can create a custom GoPro Plus link to share with your friends and family. That might be the better way to go if you want to share a hike or try out new moves in front of a smaller audience. Do you think those parkour athletes nail every jump? Let’s just say; nobody’s perfect.

GoPro had some other good news today, as well. It recently released software to turn your GoPro camera into a webcam for macOS, and now it has a PC version. You can download the software from GoPro’s website.

Source: GoPro