Give Your Sonos Move New Life with an Official Battery Replacement Kit


Sonos was caught in hot water about a year ago for questionable “recycling” practices. The company eventually mended the issue to the benefit of the environment. It seems like Sonos took that lesson to heart, because it’s now offering owners of the battery-powered Move speaker a way to replace said battery themselves.

The Move Battery Replacement Kit includes the proprietary speaker battery in its plastic case, plus a pry tool, hex wrench, and replacement screws—everything you need to get the old battery out and the new one in. It’s pricey at $70, but since the Sonos Move costs $400, it’s a small price to pay for keeping your speaker charged up. The kit comes in white or black to match the casing of the Move itself.


It’s very rare to see a consumer electronics vendor selling parts like this. But an internal battery that can be removed with just two screws indicates that the Move (the first Sonos speaker to run on a battery) was designed with this kind of service in mind. Sonos says the battery should last for three years once it’s installed.

Source: Sonos store via Gizmodo