Get a blast of retro vector-graphics action with PewPew Live

PewPew Live is like Asteroids raised to 11. And it’s free!
Photo: Apple/Jean-Francois Geyelin

Remember Asteroids? Well, PewPew Live is like that arcade classic on steroids. (So… as-steroids?) Zoom through space and blow up everything in fast-paced action.

There hasn’t been a new game added to Apple Arcade in over a month, so if you’re looking for something fresh, take PewPew Live for a spin. And it’s free!

PewPew Live is a retro-futurist vector shooter

This creation of Jean-Francois Geyelin is a top-down shooter with vector graphics. Just like Asteroids. Players steer their ship with one virtual joystick and aim their weapon with another. While trying to not crash into enemies.

If the name sounds familiar, there have been two earlier PewPew versions. But the new edition changes the game … so to speak. “Live” was added to the name because it supports online and LAN multiplayer with two-player co-op.

The game comes with a collection of exciting levels. Plus, players can concoct their own or access levels created by other players.

It seems unfair to criticize a free game — especially one this good — but PewPew Live doesn’t support external game controllers. The only joysticks available are virtual, on-screen ones.

Try it for free

Unlike Asteroids, you don’t have to pay a quarter to play — the game is completely free. It costs nothing to install, and there are no in-app purchases. Nor will players face an annoying blitz of advertisements. “There’s no ads because I don’t like ads,” said Geyelin.

PewPew Live is compatible with iPhone and iPad and available on the App Store. Or Google Play if you swing that way.