Free IMDb TV service brings classic movies and shows to iPhone, iPad

A new IMDb TV app offers thousands of classic movies and series. It’s free but advertiser supported.
Photo: Amazon

Looking for something budget-friendly to do this weekend? IMDb TV offers thousands of free classic movies and series. It costs nothing, and a version for iPhone and iPad debuted recently.

The service from Amazon includes hit shows like Mad Men, Chicago Fire and Lost. Movies currently available include How to Train Your Dragon, Boyz n’ The Hood, Wolf of Wallstreet, A Beautiful Mind and many more.

The application is free and no subscription is required — everything is advertiser supported.

IMDb TV really is free

IMDb TV offers comedy, family, romance, thriller, science fiction, documentaries, horror and more. That includes a lot of kid-friendly movies and shows. And Amazon promises it frequently updates its content library.

The service uses the classic broadcast payment model updated for the digital age. Everything on is free to watch but periodically stops for unskippable commercials.

iPhone and iPad users can get the IMDb TV application from the App Store. There’s also an Android version. Plus, Amazon makes versions for its own streaming players as well as Roku, Xbox and PS4.

This services uses a completely different business model from Apple TV+, Netflix, Amazon’s regular Prime service, etc. These charge a subscription fee but don’t include commercials.