Everyone Can Buy a Wyze Cam v3 Now (and There’s a Sale at Wyze!)

Cameron Summerson

The Wyze Cam v3 managed to improve an already great camera while keeping the price very low. But until now, you had to be a Wyze Cam Plus subscriber to buy a v3 camera. The good news is that restriction is now gone. The better news is, Wyze has a sale on outdoor cameras, smart sprinklers, and more.

That isn’t to say there isn’t any benefit to the Wyze Cam Plus subscription anymore. You still get discounts on devices if you’re a subscriber. You’ll get $4 off a Wyze Cam v3, $25 off a Wyze Robot Vacuum, and $5 off the Wyze Thermostat and Noise Canceling Headphones if you’re a subscriber. But not everyone wants or needs the Wyze Cam Plus subscription, so it’s good that you can buy the v3 Cam without it.

That’s due to the many improvements the latest version received. Between the indoor/outdoor capabilities, the new starlight sensor, color night vision, and more, we felt compelled to call it a “big leap forward” in our review. The only step back is losing the USB-A port for daisy-chaining, but that’s the price of an outdoor-friendly camera.

If you’re interested in decking out your home with outdoor cameras, Wyze has a bundle sale going on. Right now, you can buy three Wyze Outdoor cameras and get a fourth free. If four cameras are more than you’ll ever need, then you get $10 off the Wyze Outdoor camera starter bundle when you buy Cam Plus with it. Cam Plus usually is $15 a year, so you’re getting it for $5.

If you’re interested in the Wyze Sprinkler system, now’s the time to buy one. When you buy the sprinkler, you’ll get a year of Sprinkler Plus to activate its advanced smart features. That’s a $10 value and one less thing to worry about upfront.

Finally, if you have lots of Wyze cameras, Cam Plus has bundle subscription options today. One subscription covers one camera, and that cost can add up if you have four or more Wyze Cams. With the Spring Sale, you can get four annual subscriptions for $50, a $10 savings.

None of these sales are enormous, but Wyze products are already ultra-affordable. So it’s not surprising to see just a little taken off the top. But if every dollar counts and you wanted Wyze products anyway, now’s the time to jump in.