Build your dream farm in Farm It! on Apple Arcade

Build and decorate an ideal farm in Farm It! on Apple Arcade
Photo: Tummy Games

The just-released Farm It! manages to set itself apart from the plethora of other farming games with one big advantage. Because it’s on Apple Arcade it won‘t nag players to pay real money to buy in-game items.

There are huge numbers of farming games on the App Store because people enjoy the genre. Virtually all of them are free but include in-app purchases. And players are frequently bugged to buy these. Adults find the nagging irritating, but kids all too often put down real-world cash. That’s not going to happen with Farm It!. Apple Arcade absolutely forbids in-app purchases.

Play Farm It! on Apple Arcade

In the game that debuted Friday, players cultivate a farm. But not the way a real farmer does. The developer, Tummy Games, says, “by playing fun mini games, obtain resources and decorate different areas of your farm.” That includes a fishing mini game and an animal farming mini game.

It is still a farming simulation, though. Players need to choose seeds and later collect and harvest crops.

But there are plenty of charming elements in Farm It! too. “Enjoy the company of fun and amazing in-game characters and cute animals,“ says Tummy Games.

The developer made a demo video to show off all the fun:

Start playing today

Farm It! is now on the App Store. There are versions for iPhone, iPad, Mac and Apple TV. It supports touchscreens as well as external game controllers.

But playing requires a $4.99-per-month Apple Arcade subscription. Still, the service comes with over 100 games. And there will never be in-app purchases, ads or tricky loot boxes.

Fans of Farm It! might also be interested in Apple Arcade’s The Survivalists. This lets players build an island paradise with the help of monkey pals.