Babbel is offering 60% off lifetime subscriptions, which means you can get unlimited lessons in 14 languages for $199

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  • Babbel, a language learning app, is offering 60% off lifetime access passes through April 7.
  • A lifetime access pass (now $199) gets you unlimited access to bite-sized lessons in 14 languages.
  • Languages include English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Russian, Portuguese, Turkish, and more.

Babbel — a language learning service helmed by more than 150 educators, polyglots, editors, researchers, and linguistsis currently offering 60% off lifetime subscriptions through StackSocial.

Normally $499, Babbel’s lifetime subscriptions are now $199 and grant you access to all of Babbel’s language lessons — meaning you can take multiple languages at once or swap languages without paying any extra fees.

Babbel offers 14 different language courses, which is admittedly fewer than competitors Rosetta Stone’s 23 and Duolingo’s 24. But, Babbel may teach more focused grammar lessons than Duolingo and is significantly cheaper than Rosetta Stone. 

The company claims that 73% of users report holding short, simple conversations within five hours of using Babbel. Its courses tend to use key beginner phrases — like “I’m learning Spanish,” “I don’t understand,” and “Can you repeat that?” — first. All recordings are also voiced by native speakers to prepare you for authentic pronunciations.

How you use it

To use Babbel, you can download the app to an Android or iPhone device (it’s free to download, though you have to pay for a subscription) or access it on a

desktop computer
. In the app, you can access all of Babbel’s content offline. 

What’s it like

New users take a placement test to assess their skill level and get sorted into a level and course that the program suggests, though you ultimately have the choice of where to begin. The experience is relatively customized from there; courses can be tailored around specific interests (food, travel) or by how many minutes per day you want to learn. 

Lessons tend to be short — about 10-15 minutes each. They use myriad techniques to teach vocabulary and sentence structure, including quizzes and matching games, repeating phrases, audio lessons, and review sessions.

How useful is it

Freelance Insider contributor Krystin Arneson, who used the app to brush up on Spanish and German in her adopted home of Berlin, noted that the quality and formatting vary by the language. Many users, including Arneson, find that Spanish, French, and German are the best courses in the app. With that in mind, we suggest trying out a short first lesson in the language of your choice (which you can do for free) before committing.

Overall, Babbel is one good, affordable option for beginners looking to pick up some new language skills — especially since your subscription gives you access to multiple languages. It also offers customization, flexibility, and the use of native speakers. Not all language courses are equally built-out, though, so you’ll want to test the course before committing to anything.