Apple Will Pay $9.75 Million to Settle an Alleged Powerbeats 2 Defect Lawsuit


In 2014, Powerbeats 2 earbuds with promises including “sweat & water-resistance” and “built to endure.” But some users in early 2015 found their units stopped charging and working after “minimal use” and sued. Apple just agreed to settle the class-action lawsuit, which means if you owned a pair, you could get tens of dollars.

In slight fairness, the theoretical max you can receive from the lawsuit is pretty close to the original price at $189. The Powerbeats 2 went for $200, so that’s not terrible for a product released six years ago.

But as with all things, just because you could get $189 doesn’t mean you will. How much get depends on how many people sign up to get a cut of the money. It’s a fixed pot of money split between everyone who signs up, so the more who do, the less you get. And that’s after the pool pays for attorney’s fees and costs.

In settling the lawsuit, Apple isn’t admitting any wrongdoing or fault. It decided that this course of action is less expensive than a full trial, even if it did win.

After (and if) the settlement is approved by the Superior Court of the State of California, Santa Clara County, anyone who bought a new pair of Powerbeats 2 earbuds before August 7, 2020, can submit a claim. Eligible Powerbeats 2 owers should receive details automatically, but you can file a claim at the lawsuit’s website.

Source: Wireless Ear Phones Settlement via MacRumors