Apple Music Replay 2021 is your own personal hits parade

Replay is the easy way to check out your most listened-to tracks.
Photo: Cult of Mac/Apple

Apple has launched its Replay 2021 playlist, giving users a way to easily check out a ranking of their most widely listened-to songs on Apple Music.

Unlike Spotify’s ultra-popular Wrapped feature, which summarizes annual listening, Replay is updated constantly throughout the year as you listen to more tracks on Apple Music. Updated rankings show up every Sunday.

Apple describes it as “Your favorite tracks of the year – all in one playlist, updated weekly.” It offers your top 100 tracks, with the ability to play them individually, play them as a playlist from 1-100, or shuffle them.

It’s a neat feature to be sure. Even if it would be nice if Apple created a sharable, year-end Spotify Wrapped-style playlist as well that could be posted to social media. Hey, maybe the end of 2021 will have something like that in store!

How to listen to Apple Music Replay 2021

To access Replay 2021, check the Listen Now tap at the bottom of the Apple Music app. Then swipe to the bottom, and you should be able to find the Replay 2021 playlist.

What’s your most listened-to track on Apple Music? Let us know in the comments below.

Via: MacRumors