Amazon’s Fire TV Now Streams Free Local News to 88 Cities


Last December, Amazon debuted its Fire TV News app with free access to live and on-demand local news in 12 cities. Now, Fire TV News covers a total of 88 cities, providing local news without the need for a TV antenna or a cable box.

Local content for Fire TV News comes from providers like ABC, NBC, and Bloomberg. Fire TV users can find local channels through the dedicated “Local News” tab in the Fire TV News app, which is built-in to all Fire TV devices.

When you first open the Fire TV News app, you’re prompted to select your preferred local and network news sources. The app then creates a “playlist” of sources, saving you from digging around or jumping from channel to channel. You can also ask Alexa to “play local news” and bypass the Fire TV interface entirely.

Fire TV News is free and ad-supported, so you can watch local or network news without paying a dime. To see if Fire TV supports local news in your area, check app availability list at the end of Amazon’s latest press release.

Source: Amazon via Cord Cutters News