$15 turns your MagSafe Charger into a stand and grip for iPhone

Make MagSafe charging even better.
Photo: Elago

Make your MagSafe Charger even more useful by turning it into a stand and grip for your iPhone 12. Elago’s aptly named Grip Stand accessory, priced at just $14.99, makes your iPhone easier to hold onto and easier to see while it’s charging. Bag yours today from the Cult of Mac Store.

Also check out Elago’s new Charging Pad, which keeps your MagSafe Charger tidy and prevents it from moving around on your nightstand.

One of the best things about the MagSafe Charger is that, unlike other wireless charging pads, it allows you to continue using your iPhone 12 while it’s charging. Its built-in magnets mean your device can be easily moved around while the Charger remains attached in the right place.

Elago’s Grip Stand makes that experience even greater by making your iPhone easier to hold onto and doubling as a stand that you can use when you want to lie back and watch a movie in bed.

Make your MagSafe charger even more useful

How many times have you been lying in bed, scrolling Twitter, and your iPhone suddenly falls and smacks you in the face because you weren’t holding it tight enough? For many of us, it’s a common occurrence. But the Grip Stand solves that problem.

No more dropping your iPhone on your face.
Photo: Elago

Made from soft but sturdy silicone, the Grip Stand wraps around your MagSafe Charger. The loop on its back lets you place your fingers inside for a more secure grip, and prevents your device from falling on your face when you accidentally let go of it.

When you don’t want to hold your iPhone, the accessory can be used as a stand. It will prop up your iPhone on your desk or bedside table, so you can field hands-free FaceTime calls, or lie down and enjoy a movie.

A better way to charge.
Photo: Elago

Bag your Grip Stand for just $14.99

The Grip Stand is available to order today from the Cult of Mac Store for just $14.99. It comes in a range of color options and works perfectly with Apple’s own MagSafe Charger.

Want your iPhone to stay in one place while its charging? Check out Elago’s new Charging Pad instead. The reusable adhesive on its base ensures your MagSafe Charger won’t move around so you don’t have to worry about it getting pulled onto the floor.

Keep your MagSafe Charger in one place.
Photo: Elago